Sunday, 9 September 2012

While swapping over my locally built Baking Pi kernel.img files over the stock linux one on the SD card, I made a mistake and lost my linux one. I'd done an apt-get install update recently, which had installed an update to the raspbian version, but the download images at haven't updated to that one yet. So I didn't have a way to restore my stock kernel.

So I built a new one. On the pi. Which took several hours. But it worked fine. I was following for this.

I've also been having problems with Lesson 5 of the Baking Pi tutorial. Instead of blinking out morse code on the OK LED, my version just lit the LED permanently. Puzzled, I looked at the model answer for the lesson, and the code was very similar. I built and booted that version and got the same behaviour: solid LED. Most odd. To eliminate my mac toolchain as being the culprit, I built and installed Lesson 5 model answer on the pi itself by editing the makefile and removing the yagarto prefix from the makefile, i.e. changing

ARMGNU ?= arm-none-eabi

but this resulted in the same behaviour: a solid LED light. I've asked on the forums for help.

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